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Monday, June 17, 2013

FIFA Opens Disciplinary Proceedings Against Ethiopia - fifa.com

FIFA on Sunday confirmed that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against three member associations after each have allegedly fielded an ineligible player in a few of their 2014 World Cup qualifiers.
The Ethiopian Football Association allegedly fielded an ineligible player in the match between Botswana and Ethiopia on June 8 in Gaborone.
The Togolese Football Federation allegedly fielded an ineligible player in the match between Togo and Cameroon on June 9 in Lome.
Disciplinary proceedings have also been opened against the Equatorial Guinea Football Federation for allegedly fielding an ineligible player in the match between Equatorial Guinea and Cape Verde Islands also on June 9 in Malabo.
They then launched an appealed against the decision to the FIFA Appeal Committee, and the appeal proceedings are currently on-going.
The disciplinary proceedings against the three associations is based on article 55 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code and article 8 of the Regulations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

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