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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ethiopian "Miracle Man" Sets World Record: 'Longest Distance Travelled in One Minute while Balanced on Crutches'

Tameru Zegeye—an Ethiopian athlete who grew up in the mountainous region of Welo—has attempted to set the World Recordfor the 'Longest Distance Travelled while balanced on Crutches' (Hands).

On April 14th, 2013 a crowd of nearly 20 friends and family gathered to witness Tameru cover 76 meters using just his hands and crutches down the track of the National Stadium in downtown Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Ethiopia has a deep tradition for running and to pay homage to the country's athletes, Tameru's World Record was witnessed by Mohammed Aman—Olympic run ner and 800mDiamond League Champion—who acted as the World Record's adjudicator.
Other judges included Keith Bowers (Timekeeper) of the BBC, Natalie Miller VP of Africa for Operation Smile (NGO for people with disabilities), and Hannah Gibson, Country Director for Jhpiego (International NGO in maternal and child health).

The crowd cheered and Tameru's heart grew as he took one step further towards his dream of being recognized as the World Record Holder for his self-styled sport ofbalancing on crutches on his hands.
The initiative started last year when Tameru was 'discovered' by the media and talent agency #thisisGuavo. Since then, a small film crew, friends & more than a dozen contributors have all encouraged Tameru to continue following his dreams of becoming a recognized athlete despite his disabilities.

Tameru was born disabled and could not walk for the first 15 years of his life. After surgery, he felt empowered to start and finish high school, learn English and graduate from college with a degree in Tourism. Today, Tameru's spirit has guided him to the world of disabled sports, and by setting this prestigious, new World Record, he believes he will be able to help and inspire other disabled athletes to realize their abilities and self worth. To read more about Tameru's life story, go to:

Tameru would like to recognize the participating bodies for their assistance and help to set this World Record: The Debre Birhan Circus, Ethiopian Football Federation & #thisisGuavo media firm. Tameru and his team are currently preparing the video, photography and witness statements to have his new World Record recognized by Guiness World Records and other governing bodies.


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