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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ethiopian-Born Marathoner Runs for Israel – Forward.com

Ethiopian-Born Marathoner Runs for Israel – Forward.com:

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Zohar Zemiro Immigrated With Family When He Was 10

Marathon Man: Zohar Zemiro was born in Ethiopia, but came with his family during the airlift of Jews when he was 10. Now he’s running for his new homeland in the Olympics.
Marathon Man: Zohar Zemiro was born in Ethiopia, but came with his family during the airlift of Jews when he was 10. Now he’s running for his new homeland in the Olympics.

By Blair Thornburgh

Published July 28, 2012, issue of August 03, 2012.
After placing 10th at the Amsterdam marathon last April and becoming the first Israeli athlete to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games, Ethiopian-born Zohar Zemiro was succinct about how he felt: “It is the happiest moment in my life,” the distance runner told the Israeli Athletic Association, which named him its 2011 Athlete of the Year.
With a time of two hours, 14 minutes and 28 seconds in Amsterdam for the grueling race of 26.2 miles, Zemiro broke his previous personal best: two hours, 21 minutes and 33 seconds, achieved just a few months earlier, at Israel’s Tiberias Marathon, where Zemiro placed second among all Israelis and 18th overall.
About 120,000 people make up the Israeli Ethiopian community, and a number have become distinguished athletes, many in track and field events. Besides Zemiro, who made aliyah at age 10, other Israeli Ethiopian distance runners include fellow marathoners Setegne Ayele and Asaf Bimro, a retired Olympian who represented Israel in 2004.
Zemiro’s road to the Olympics wasn’t without its twists and turns. After a last-minute decision in the fall of 2011 to run sockless, a common practice among Ethiopian runners, Zemiro dropped out midrace at the International Association of Athletics Federations World Championships marathon in Daegu, Korea, after 25 kilometers. And in June of this year, he tested positive for terbutaline, a banned substance commonly found in asthma inhalers. The failed test was an unfortunate blow, leaving his future as a competitor uncertain a little more than a month before the July 27 start date of the games in London. Though dismayed, Zemiro was confident that he would recover. ”I have always believed in fair and clean competition,” he told Haaretz on June 14. “I am certain that the circumstances that have resulted in [this] will not prevent me from representing Israel at the Olympics.”
Sure enough, the Anti-Doping Committee lifted his suspension later that month. With the way finally clear, Zemiro, once again, did not mince words. “I’m happy that this hell is behind me,” he told The Jerusalem Post.

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Biological passport, special analyses, and re-testing uncover sophisticated doping


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Monte-Carlo - Within days of the start of the Games of the XXX Olympiad, London 2012, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is pleased to announce the latest successes in its fight against doping in Athletics, serving a warning to all those who attempt to cheat their sport and their fellow competitors that they will be caught.

The Athlete Biological Passport and the re-testing of samples through special analyses (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, Growth Hormones) have uncovered sophisticated doping by a total of 9 athletes.

The details of these cases can be read on the IAAF website via the two links -

Six new athletes sanctioned under the IAAF Athlete Biological Passport programme:

Re-analysis of 2011 IAAF World Championships samples finds three further cases of doping:

"Today’s announcements underline the IAAF’s continued and unwavering campaign against doping in Athletics," commented IAAF President Lamine Diack. "They demonstrate the IAAF’s commitment to use advanced methods to detect doping and to enforce increased sanctions when justified. We will not stint in our resolve to do everything in our power to eradicate cheating."

In addition to the usual extensive anti-doping programme which is carried out at all major Championships and Games, 200 Athlete Biological Passport tests will be carried out in the sport of Athletics in London.


Le Passeport Biologique et des ré-analyses ciblées permettent la découverte de cas de dopage sophistiqué

25 juillet 2012 – Monte Carlo – A quelques jours de l’ouverture des Jeux de la XXXe Olympiade, Londres 2012, l’Association Internationale des Fédérations d’Athlétisme (IAAF) adresse une mise en garde aux athlètes tentés de tricher et de tromper leurs adversaires, en annonçant ses derniers succès sur le front de la lutte contre le dopage en athlétisme.

Le Passeport Biologique de l’Athlète et des ré-analyses ciblées (Spectromètre de Masse à Rapport Isotopique, hormone de croissance) ont permis de révéler des pratiques de dopage complexes impliquant 9 athlètes au total.

Les détails de ces cas sont disponibles sur le site internet de l’IAAF sur les liens suivants :

Six nouveaux athlètes sanctionnés dans le cadre du programme de Passeport Biologique de l’IAAF:

Trois nouveaux cas de dopage révélés après ré-analyse d’échantillons prélevés lors des Championnats du Monde 2011:

« L’annonce de ces nouveaux cas vient récompenser la lutte continue et sans relâche que mène l’IAAF contre le dopage en athlétisme » a commenté le Président Lamine Diack. « Ces cas illustrent l’engagement de l’IAAF de recourir aux méthodes de détection les plus avancées pour mettre au jour des cas de dopage et d’appliquer des sanctions renforcées lorsqu’elles sont justifiées. Nous ne relâcherons pas nos efforts pour éradiquer le dopage dans notre sport. »

En complément des nombreux contrôles antidopage mis en œuvre dans les compétitions majeures et aux Jeux Olympiques, 200 prélèvements sanguins dans le cadre du Passeport Biologique de l’Athlète seront effectués en athlétisme à Londres.