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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BMW Berlin Marathon, another proof of Kenyan dominance over distance running – Athletics news | bettor.com

  • BMW Berlin Marathon, another proof of Kenyan dominance over distance running – Athletics news

BMW Berlin Marathon, another proof of Kenyan dominance over distance running – Athletics news

Haile Gebrselassie, no doubt, was the pre-favourite for the BMW Berlin Marathon. However, nobody knew that the Kenyan stringent was all set to mark its dominance over the track while challenging the world record holder’s form and potential for the big run.

While running at the IAAF Gold Label Race, Patrick Makau not only named the event title, but he also snatched the world record from legendary Ethiopian runner, Gebrselassie. Just like him, on Women’s side, Kenyan runner, Florence Kiplagat dominated the track by over two and a half minutes.

Kenyan and Ethiopian rivalry in athletics, particularly in the running competitions is known to the entire world. There have been great Kenyan runners in the past, who have always been giving tough time to their counterparts from Ethiopia. Duncan Kibet, the great Kenyan runner had observed a finish of two hours, four minutes and 27 seconds, while running in Rotterdam back in 2009.

However, he could not overcome the then sole dominator of the track, Gebrselassie. Makau is certainly made up of tougher material. The performance he displayed lately, which included a defeated for the Ethiopian legend along with a new world record, underlined his strength well. He definitely has a racing brain that will always ensure his dominance over the run.

Makau, unlike most of his countrymen, has never been demonstrative of his running characteristics. However, he has been giving out his best to withstand the toughest of trainings. After accomplishing with his first two marathons, Makau told his manager, Zane Branson that his rivals had developed the thinking that the Kenyan had only learned to follow them and would only attempt to increase his pace when the finishing line was near. He said that he was going to change this thinking by setting the pace right from the gun.

The decision to be aggressive on the field paid the dividends for the runner, and provided him the confidence to trust his abilities and take on formidable runners like Ethiopia’s former world record holder, Gebrselassie. Now, if Makau continues to carry on with this confidence of his, he certainly has a leading role to play in world athletics.

38th Berlin Marathon - Haile Gebrselassie's era ends at Km 36 - Berlin Marathon - Berliner Morgenpost - Berlin

Once he was the "miracle runner", who set the marathon in Berlin in 2008 set a world record. On Sunday, Gebrselassie had to retire due to respiratory problems.His world record was broken.
38th  Berlin Marathon
Photo: DAPD / DAPD
At kilometer 36 the dream bursts for the 38-year-old Gebrselassie won the Berlin Marathon by the fifth
Just a few minutes after 7 clock. Even easier is early morning fog over the city and the Tiergarten. The first athletes are already on the streets of the 17th June move.Tracksuits protect the runners from the morning cold. You are on the way to the Reichstag. There, they can submit their personal belongings before the big race.
To 8 clock fills the area: Several thousand runners will be at the tents, to cast their clothing. At the mobile toilets to form queues of up to one hundred meters. People are nervous, excited, but in a good mood. "I must just quickly rub my calves with oil, then I start looking for my block," says Lars Nielsen from Denmark. "I wish that I run the route in three hours 30 minutes. Let's see how warm it still is today. "


By 8.30 there is a short clock. Helicopter, which provide the television pictures from the air, circling above the street of the 17th June. The noise of the rotors mix with the rhythmic clapping of the audience. More than 40,000 runners will wait for the start redeeming the 38th BMW Berlin Marathon on Sunday. Tens of thousands of spectators line the street - a total eventually come back more than a million spectators along the route. Applause breaks out as the world-record holder, Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia, and last year's winner Patrick Makau take their places at the starting line.Gebrselassie's world record of 2:03:59 in 2008 to beat it.
Between the two top runners is an age difference of twelve years. "I'm really excited to see what happens today in Berlin on the track," says Claudia islet of Zehlendorf. An injury forces her to this Sunday at the grandstand. "From this perspective, I've seen the Berlin marathon before. I'm going to enjoy and walk again in the coming year. "


At the start it is getting louder. Music, announcements, clapping. The noise reverberates through the entire zoo. "Ten, nine, eight ..." Moderator and the enthusiastic audience among the countdown together. Punctually at 9 clock will kick off. Ex-boxing champion Henry Maske and the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD) to send the runner field on the 42.195-kilometer circuit. Before the peak driving the so-called runners Timingcar, which is equipped with a timer on the roof and show the athletes at the forefront of the current times.
At 9:30 in the clock until several people have come to the York Road. Even the top flight is not over run. Before the bar "to change" from Jens Pasche Mahlow stands with his family. The 45-year-old's big event expert. At the 2006 World Cup he was playing in the stadium at all German. His five-year-old son Felix is ​​equipped with drum and Vuvuzela.Nevertheless, the Berlin Marathon for Pasche something special today. "Football has one yes every week," he says. In the years 2000 and 2002, he ran along the marathon itself. Therefore, he also knows how important it is to cheer the runners: "It gives you a buzz again, if you can not."


Also, Detlef and Isabel evil Günne have fantechnisch perfect. "Paula Run" is written on their poster. This refers to Paula Radcliffe, the current world record holder. By Detlef evil Günne neck hangs a medal. He has won this year in London. Overall, the 77-year-olds in the last 13 years, 20 has been running marathons. "There they are!", Calls his 52-year-old daughter. The Timingcar is just a few meters. The two cheer, clap and talk shop, because he that is passing now.
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The winners since 2000
Crowne Plaza City Center in front of the KaDeWe, the mood is relaxed at 11.30 clock. "I can not get no satisfaction" the voice from the speakers, about 25 cheerleaders from the Pro Sport Berlin 24 screech of Wilmersdorf and waving their black and yellow pompoms. "The runners really pleased," says the 14-year-old Michelle Mantei. "We motivate them again," adds singer girlfriend Alina.


According to information available online the morning mail, there is disagreement on Tauentzien have played with the timing system. Runners report that was split due to road works on the rotor field has left and right lane on the track. But only on the right track to the time mats that provide the interim periods have been situated. Some of the runners should be reversed to run on the right track in order to be considered. "We will now consider the incident on Monday," said SCC spokesman Thomas Steffens. "The evaluation of the times can last up to three weeks. And then we will determine whether missing at this point very many laps. "No, but runners had to worry that his race is not counted.
Also Thomas and Tanja Herse clap wildly to every runner. "Andre, you can do that," it says on her huge cloth. André is the dance of the two mate. "To 11.38 clock would have run past it here," says Thomas Herse. Just in time with the bells ringing at 11.45 clock runs by Andre. "Perseverance does not do, weak," both scream.
Also at the Lentzeallee on many placards reading personal messages such as "Dad, you make it!" The road is covered with a sea of ​​plastic cups. The runners trample over the cup, creating a persistent squeak. The more one approaches the square at the Wild Boar, the more that sound mixed with the rhythm of the African jungle drums. Max and Jacqueline celebrate their own party. Associated with beer bottles in hand on a park bench. "We dance for 10 clock," says the 54-year-old. "That every year, our regular place," adds her 45-year old partner. "Yes, because the mood is best here." Because they do not yet know that Haile Gebrselassie has given up.


At kilometer 36 the dream bursts for the 38-year-old Gebrselassie won the Berlin Marathon by the fifthThe multiple Olympic and world champion has apparently plagued by respiratory problems, give up. Up to 27 km providing both a duel, the thousands of spectators on large LED screens follow the target range. A few minutes after 10:30, the time clock turns a vehicle on the Kurfürstendamm. For Macao, everything points to a world record. About eight miles to the goal are currently before the man from Kenya. He runs like from another planet. The pursuers far behind. As Makau reached the boulevard Unter den Linden, is a new world record within reach.17th Street June: The voice of the moderator's head over heels with excitement and suspense. Makau passes through the Brandenburg Gate. Only meters from the finish, he runs to the left target bow. Marshals have him frantically on the right track. There, the target range is maintained. Makau jumps over a 40 centimeter high range marker to run right through the finish gate. After 2:03:38 hours, he wins the 38th Berlin Marathon.He improved the previous record by 21 seconds and the Ethiopian Gebrselassie dethroned. Berlin Marathon has a new king. And the audience cheer and cheer and cheer.

Berlin Marathon 2011 and the Chronicle of Haile Gebreselassie & Pacers

Haile Gebreselassie about 2/3 of the way throu...

Marathon Pacers or pacemakers are the new phenomenon in the international marathons. The limit was in the past upunto 21 km race. Today not only 21km mark is surpassed but also the number of pacer engaged  in these marathons have passed even the number of the elite runners. Berlin 2011 has bit the record by letting over 5 pacers  the race. In total 13 placers were destroying the quality of the Marathon where over 40 thousand runners participated. When it comes on the distribution of pacers this marathon did not show equitably knowing the sportive rivalry between Ethiopian and Kenyanrunners. If Haile would have had the same number of Ethiopians helping him the whole race would have been completely different when it comes on the elit. The other phenomenon is that seen the amount of money put in these races game setting has been seen in many marathons. Though Patrick Makao was the  defending champion of the race and he deserves N° 1 . Haile has the record two times and won the race three times before. Thus international marathons must stop pacers in each race.
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